Introducing DeSmog Canada’s New Executive Director

A year ago, DeSmog Canada excitedly welcomed Emma Gilchrist to the role of Deputy Editor. As amazing as it has been to have Emma working tirelessly to bring the best out of our writers, digging into editing like it’s fun (really) and breaking news stories of national importance, we just can’t seem to contain all of her incredible talents in her part-time deputy position.

That’s why today we are beyond delighted to announce Emma’s new role as DeSmog Canada’s Executive Director.

Most of you will know Emma has incredible talent as a writer and, as we here at DeSmog know, she pretty much performs magic as an editor, but she also has a bold vision for independent media in Canada.

Coming from northern Alberta, Emma is familiar with the local politics of small towns dependent on oil and gas development. But as a seasoned journalist and citizen engagement expert, Emma also has rich insight into Canada’s political machinery and the role individuals, communities and civic organizations play in decision-making from the municipal to the federal level. (If you want the nitty gritty, you can read Emma’s full bio.)

In her reporting, Emma has brought critical insight to our readers across the nation. Now she'll be turning some of that strategic thinking toward building a sustainable non-profit media organization.  

With her new role, Emma will switch from splitting her time between DeSmogBlog and DeSmog Canada, to working full time for DeSmog Canada. But don’t worry, she’ll stay on as a contributor at DeSmogBlog, so you’re sure to still see her stories there.

Welcome to the new gig and congratulations, Emma. We’re a bunch of lucky ducks to have you on our team and leading the flock.

Carol Linnitt is a journalist, editor, illustrator and co-founder of The Narwhal. Carol has been reporting on energy and environmental…

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