B.C. Douglas-fir plan
Line 3 pipeline Enbridge

The mega oilsands pipeline you’ve never heard of

As Canada fights over Trans Mountain, Enbridge’s most expensive project — Line 3 — inches...

Mount Edziza Provincial Park

Canada has some of the world’s last wild places. Are we keeping our promise to protect them?

To meet one of its most critical conservation targets by 2020, Canada must protect a...


Canada’s new Indigenous Protected Area heralds new era of conservation

The 14,000 square kilometres of rugged boreal forest and sprawling wetlands in the Northwest Territories...

Lake Erie

Out in the Great Lakes, an alarm is sounding

For researchers with a keen eye, rising temperatures, invasive species and a changing fish population...

Blueberry First Nation territory.

Blueberry River and the death by a thousand cuts

Once promised a life in perpetuity on a rich and vibrant landscape, the Blueberry River...

Landslide near Site C dam

Retired BC Hydro engineer calls for independent safety review of Site C dam

A major, active landslide in the Peace River Valley has led to an evacuation order...

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