Encana water resource hub between Farmington and Dawson Creek.

From grain country to gas land

Meares Island

28 Indigenous Guardian programs get federal funding

Pilot programs to help young people get onto land and monitor fishing, tourism activities

Narwhal with group of belugas

A narwhal frolics with the belugas: Why interspecies adoptions happen

Since the age of the Roman Empire and the story of how the twins Romulus...

Offshore oil rig

Newfoundland’s carbon tax gives ‘free pass’ to offshore oil industry

The province is planning to double oil production in the next decade — undermining the...

Oil and Gas Development. Farmington Area.

The problem with exempting major projects from environmental assessment

The province’s little-known Environmental Assessment Office has broad discretionary powers, including the authority to select...

Wade Davis: Life without wild things

We have forgotten the flocks of passenger pigeons that blotted out the sun, the herds...

Orphan well

The story of Alberta’s $100-billion well liability problem. How did we get here?

Landowners once promised a fair share for hosting oil and gas infrastructure on their properties...

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