One-on-one with the leader of a special RCMP unit tasked with policing opposition to industrial projects in B.C.

After months seeking interviews, The Narwhal was finally able to speak with the head of the RCMP’s controversial Community-Industry Response Group. The unit’s commander admitted to a ‘misunderstanding’ around justifying the arrest of a journalist and said the unit has a 'zero tolerance' policy for racist conduct

On braving the wilderness and embracing discomfort

Exposing alleged wrongdoing in the environmental movement could help save the planet, not hinder the...


The fight to crack down on air pollution from Toronto’s traffic has stalled

Pollution from highways and major roads causes premature death and illness across Canada. The solutions...

Lloydminster CNRL Amber Bracken for The Narwhal

How oil lobbyists persuaded Alberta to weaken rules for dirty facilities

Leaked emails and memos from the Alberta Energy Regulator reveal how industry lobbied a cabinet...


The federal government just extended B.C. salmon farm licences. Here’s what you need to know

Fisheries and Oceans Canada Minister Joyce Murray announced a two-year extension for dozens of salmon...


Why The Narwhal pursued an investigation into Pacific Wild

We are used to covering the work of organizations who advocate to protect the natural...


‘Scared into silence’: former workers allege abuse, safety issues at B.C. environmental organization

Breathtaking photos. Adventurous boat trips. A mission to save the planet. Young people were drawn...


The birds are back in town: lost habitat is being restored in Toronto’s accidental wilderness

The Leslie Spit in Toronto was never meant to be a park. But now that...

_CKL1092St. James Town

As Toronto gets hotter, not everyone is sweating equally

This story is part of Toronto’s Climate Right Now, a collaboration with The Local about vulnerability and adaptation...

Oolichan_Youth_Science_Camp_Marty Clemens_The Narwhal-7

How an oily fish is connecting Nisg̱a’a youth to the land

After a long, dark winter, the return of the oolichan to Ḵ’alii Aksim Lisims is...

marcus-kauffman unsplash wildfire coronavirus

Fires, floods and food sovereignty: facing climate disasters and finding hope in northwest B.C.

How a beaver-felled tree cut off communications to a whole region, and illustrated how vulnerable...


Highway 413 threatens more Ontario conservation lands than publicized

An internal provincial report shows the project will not only cut through the Nashville Conservation...


Five proposed protected areas that could help Canada meet its 2030 conservation targets

It is possible to protect 30 per cent of land and oceans in Canada by...

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