Caribou maternity pen
Jim Stratsky Encana oil and gas Farmington

Fracking-induced earthquakes prompt call for buffer zones around Site C dam

In November, two wells being fracked caused an earthquake so severe it halted construction at...

Boreal forest Canada

Canada clearcuts one million acres of boreal forest every year. A lot of it for toilet paper.

It's the International Day of Forests, the perfect time to talk about flushing vital forests...

Bill Morneau journalism Budget 2019

What the federal budget offers Canada’s struggling journalism industry

Tax breaks, labour rebates and, at long last, the possibility of charitable support for news

Logging Wells Gray Caribou Habitat

B.C. approves 314 new cutblocks in endangered caribou habitat over last five months

As more caribou populations flicker out, and pressure mounts on the province to protect the...

Grand Forks Flooding Ill Prepared 20180524

Sprawling clearcuts among reasons for B.C.’s monster spring floods

Wildfire, drought and a pine beetle epidemic are piling on top of a long history...

Tranquil River

Bringing back the trees to bring back the salmon

Facing devastating declines in salmon stocks, conservationists in Clayoquot Sound are taking a ground-up approach...

Fracking Farmington B.C.

B.C. left holding massive bill for hundreds of orphan gas wells as frack companies go belly-up

On the cusp of a major fracking boom, B.C.’s Oil and Gas Commission is already...

Alex MacLean Oilsands 6 Syncrude Mildred Lake Mining Site

Alberta’s energy regulator ordered to take a new approach to punishing environmental crimes

A recent ruling aims to curtail conflicts of interest and corporate greenwashing via ‘creative sentencing,’...

Polar Bear Wapusk National Park

Camera traps document polar, grizzly and black bears in same Arctic camp

Scientists say the surprise overlap of all three North American bear species challenges some of...

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