Glade Watershed Kootenay logging Heather McIntyre Louis Bockner

‘You can’t drink money’: Kootenay communities fight logging to protect their drinking water

In Glade, where clear-cutting could begin any day, determined residents are pulling out all the...

Coastal watchmen training

Indigenous Guardians get $6.4 million to monitor traditional territories

From tracking wildlife populations to reporting industrial pollution, more than 40 Indigenous Guardian programs across...

Malkolm Boothroyd Bull Caribou in Fog

The return of the caribou

The community of Old Crow, Yukon, is ecstatic at the sight of the Porcupine caribou...

Elder Marin Heavy Hand

Meet a Blackfoot elder who worked for 20 years to showcase Writing-on-Stone to the world

Áísínai’pi, home to the highest concentration of rock carvings and paintings on the Great Plains...


The government agency at the centre of B.C.’s old-growth logging showdown

BC Timber Sales has become a lightning rod for controversy, with many expressing dismay over...

Grand Forks flooding 2018

Fires and flooding: how B.C.’s forest policies collide with climate change

British Columbians have a complicated relationship with forests. Growing up, my favourite stand of old-growth...

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