DeSmogCAST 13: Merchants of Doubt, the Race for the Arctic and Bomb Trains

In this episode of the DesmogCAST, host Farron Cousins speaks with me, Kyla Mandel and Justin Mikulka to talk about the breakout documentary Merchants of Doubt and how climate science deniers are still manufacturing a fake debate about the clear consensus among bonafide climate experts.

And while the deniers wreak havoc, the climate is warming, opening the Arctic to more than just oil companies. As DeSmog UK's Deputy Editor Kyla Mandel explains, nations are upping their military presence in the region as vast reserves of hydrocarbons become available beneath the melting ice.

Lastly, DeSmog contributor Justin Mikulka discusses the problems associated with moving highly-flammable and explosive oils from the Bakken shale and the Alberta tar sands as the now-called bomb trains are involved in all too regular disasters across North America.


DeSmogCAST is a weekly online show that features DeSmog writers, experts and guests covering breaking news and in-depth analysis on politics, energy and environment issues in the U.S., Canada and around the world.

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