Hope amid the smoke

Our members always tell us how grateful they are for journalism that not only generates important dialogue about our natural world, but also points the way toward solutions. Will you help us expand The Narwhal’s impact?

Wildfires, smoky skies across the West, crashing salmon populations, a global pandemic: it’s a bit bleak out there right now, isn’t it? 

But fear not, I’m not here to bring you down, I promise.

I actually have some *good* news! Since I wrote last week, 60 lovely humans have stepped forward to become monthly members of The Narwhal. That means we need just 40 more readers to become members by Sept. 30 to reach our goal. 

As I write this, it’s nearly dark and it’s only 5 o’clock. The sun is blocked by wildfire smoke. It’s never been clearer that our independent, investigative reporting on the environment is desperately needed.

Members often tell us how good it makes them feel to support something hopeful like The Narwhal — a start-up founded by two young women that’s winning big journalism awards and serving hundreds of thousands of readers with reliable journalism about one of the most important topics of our time.   

Thanks to our reporting, one new member says: “I’ve been able to inform and educate others, and open a respectful dialogue about the importance of the natural environment!”

“You’re doing me a favour by letting me contribute to this worthy cause,” writes another.

Or take this perspective: “Your articles have generated some tough conversations in our household, but conversations that absolutely need to be had.” 

By supporting The Narwhal you can take heart in doing your part to build a new model for solutions-oriented journalism. 

If just one out of every 600 people receiving this message became a member today, we’d reach our goal in an instant. What do you say? Yes, ma’am, sign me up!

Whatever you can give makes a big difference. Together, our 1,600 members contribute $260,000 a year (!!), which means we can report hundreds of stories that would otherwise go untold otherwise. 

Please sign up for whatever amount you can afford today. 


P.S. At a time when most news organizations have been laying off reporters, we’ve hired eight journalists in a little over a year. Every single dollar you give goes straight to supporting our award-winning journalists. We need just 40 more members to sign up to reach our goal. Please become a member today. 

Emma Gilchrist is a reporter, editor, public speaker and spreadsheet-keeper. She started her journalism career more than 15 years ago…

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